Case Study


Carnival at the Foundry

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Drive interest, demand, and engagement on social media that brings in new customers to the restaurant


Approach & Deliverables

Bring in Philly based artists from a variety of disciplines. Including, but not exclusive to, emerging musical artists, burlesque dancers, professional jugglers, live abstract painters, and projectionists).

Sub-contract 2 on-the-ground, well-connected, Philly promoters to supplement digital and physical marketing efforts that drove new fan ticket sales.

Lead the team of promoters and performers toward achieving the shared goal months in advance and all the way up to day of show.

Be generous. Make sure that all performers and promoters were paid well and treated well leading up to show and day of show.




394 tickets sold

415(+) total attendance (90% capacity filled)

Above average bar sales


All people involved (fans, performers, and venue) left feeling damn good.

“Thanks so much for doing it! Really was such a cool event, hope we can make it annual”

- talent buyer, Fillmore Philadelphia